Hello friends.
I am now looking around and I was at TJ maxx and did vlog from there.
Then out of curiosity I went to the page online and I scroll if they have any interesting bags and then I saw some good bags which are made from leather and on the sale.

So I see this one is cute:
bag made from leather 

Another cute bag I saw and I did purchase is this one:
I like it as its from distressed leather and good price too.

And I couldn't pass on that pink backpack.
 It is nylon and have many compartments.
For sure will do unboxing of stuff on my youtube channel- link on top of page.
It is kipling brand so they are popular backpacks and bags from this brand. 
I think my sister had the crossbody bag from them.
Cant wait to use it on my local trips or even travels when border reopen.

Then I went to shoes on the site especially sandals.
I saw many cute sandals and slides on sale now.
I got 3 pairs but I would want more!!!
I would want to get those slides that are birkenstock dupes but because I still have some at home so this time I choose to buy sandals.

So first pair is this one:
only 15 bucks!
hope they fit as they not have many sizes left

This ones also are made from leather and looks so cute.
Also price is great-15$.

And last ones I got are this ones:

When I will got them I will do unboxing video on my youtube channel.
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