Hello friends. 
Today I am doing the New Macbook air i3 base model unboxing. 
I got it in gold color which is really beautiful color. 
It is great laptop for school or office.
But now is avaiable newer with M1 chip serious of laptops 

newer with M1 chip is here: cheaper with 256GB space at apple: 
and with 512GB space here: 
or bundle
Macbook Pro with M1 chip is on apple site already avaiable here: 
Mac mini with M1 chip is here:

I already have macbook pro so I wanted some smaller and lighter laptop that I could take with me on some trips, cafe or even yard and not to be so bulky.
It will be also better option for traveling especially when by plane.
This laptop has retina display and normal size backlit keyboard.
It not have many ports so I already got the dongle also in color gold from amazon to connect with flash storage, mouse or even hdmi:

I got my macbook air on the small sale at Best Buy: