Hello friends. 

Today I present ootd from the walk in the park. Here in Boston suburbs we have now werid weather.

One time its warm and mid 60s where even short sleeves are comfortable and then its comes few days when its literelly winter with a snow fall.

So it depends on the day if I waer  fall or winter outfit.

But today was a very nice and warm day, beautiful weather for a walk in the park.

Thats why I had fall outfit with sneakers and jeans- perfect for such weather.

I wish winter would be warm each year, but on the other hand I like wearing ugg boots with fluffy fur inside and winter puffy coats.

I like snow and winter sports, winter atmosphere when its Christmas time and the snow outside.

So winter also have adventages, and then from that freezing air when weather change and brings warmer air which has that specific scent in the air -that is scent of spring that brings energy right away.

So lately we had again such scent in air after few days of winter and then I got more energy form that scent and felt like in spring hehehe.

Although its is not spring here but rather fall.

So yeah thats are my thoughts for today and here are my outfit details.

I am wearing:


Jeans/Gap cigarette


Hoodie/VS PINK

Sneakers/ Adidas Falcon