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Someone said this in comments about twin flames:

The twin flame Journey is a very intense relationship, not everyone in this life has a twin. There is only one twin, there are also stages of the relationship. When you meet and either one is already awake or one person gets triggered to wake up first. Which is usually the divine feminine, then the divine masculine follows. It can be the masculine first who realizes the connection, if his primary energy within is feminine. Yes, there is an instant connection and remembering on the first meeting. The eyes say everything and you just know it. 
There is so much healing to happen in order to come into full Union. I love you Ralph and your videos, but I will say the eating habits isn't correct if one is awake or is a vegan, the other might be just waking up so they might consume meat or indulge in lower vibrational things because they are still awakening up and have a lot of healing to do. And its not true about all twins, that they both are just awake at the same time when they meet, although some twins both are, but again usually one is awake then the other follows. So one could be really spiritual and other isn't as spiritual or they are slowly learning. Its not perfect, they Mirror everything within you, that you need to heal. They trigger you and thats why the running happens. You have many similarities, twins also are different as they embody yin and yang, divine masculine, divine feminine. One might be more spiritual while the other is more practical. Your always connected in 5D , sometimes in 3D it can be difficult. But overall you will know, everyones journey is different. Overall many twins are coming into Union at this time to raise the vibration of the planet, when together they are very powerful. The point of twins in this life is to shift humanity, heal and use the energy of love they create for the New paradigm, I hope this was informative, a lot of people get it kinda confused on twin flames. So Much love and light!!!!! namaste beautiful souls.

Very true. Most people over-romanticise twin flames as only the most beautiful, intense connection of unconditional love, and that is what it is, when the twins are in union. But before that, there's the triggering when they first look into each other's eyes in the physical, then there's a lot of digging deep within oneself, eviscerating all the childhood comditioning, trauma, and so on, then purging it all out. And the more one twin runs from their mirror, the more they deny the connection and that they must purge out the darkness, the longer the healing process takes, and the longer it takes to surrender and unify.

I believe that the runner chaser dynamic happens when both twins trigger each other over things that are negative in order to sort each other out. But it's always important to improve your own character that can eventually fix the triggers of your twin because oddly enough you two may have a similar experiences, backgrounds, and set of problems to deal with. If all the trigger problems are solved, there is a higher chance of getting back together for good. Jeff and Shelia have a mirror exercise that can possibly help improve a relationship with a twin flame whether in union or not.