Hello friends.

Today and a few days before we had snow fall and now its maybe 1 feet/ 30 cm of snow in the yard. If I would be a kid I would be so happy and play with it, but we older people sometimes we forget how to be a kid and have some fun with those things like snow.

It was also not common for me in past to enjoy so much snow as I was living in the city and it was Krakow in Poland- there was not much snow at all.

And here in Boston area is much more of that.

So when it is snow I want to enjoy it - would want in the future to buy a skis and ski little bit too. I did one time in the school.

But have no idea which brand would be good and so on.

So far I only have ski outfit.

I am wearing:

Jacket/Columbia Lay D down

Pants/Adidas & Swiss tech via Walmart

boots/ Ugg adirondack

Hat/ Terranova

Gloves/ no name