Today I with my bf went to the Castle Island place in Boston to walk and relax. The weather is getting slightly cooler and I was not sure how to dress as its always rather windy there. So I decided to put on long leggings and t-shirt, hoodie and sporty backpack. I felt little bit like a tourist as I also had comfy adidas ultraboosts and camera to film and do pictures.
I like that place and we not go so often there so I had to vlog and make some pictures. I was not cold at all so my long leggings became shorter by tucking them up.
I had great time with my bf and his mom, we made some memories which are also in the vlogs down below.
This place is popular, as it has many options to do. You can walk, ride a bike, picnic, have a party like a reception on the grass, fishing, tanning, swimming as its there also the beach. And also we so some water sports entusiasts.
Bostonians can take boat or ferry to near by ports or islands.
You can observe planes landing and taking off as Logan airport is nearby.
I did vlog and made it into 2 vlogs to not bore viewers if the vlog would be too long.
I showing also my outfit which is like for tourist or working out.

I am wearing:

Shirt & Leggings/Old Navy
Hoodie/VS PINK
Backpack, Hat /VS PINK here here here here 


Glasses/Dollar Store
Slouchy socks/Amazon & Walmart
Canon SL2/here
Tamron 18-200 mm/here