Hello friends.

I never was a sporty type of person but I did some sports in past but more recreational. But my bf is a sport fan. He also workout regularly everyday and he inspired me to do workouts on treadmill more regularly too.

So today I present ootd for a workout but it is for indoor and cooler temps.

I wearing both hoodie and the leggings from VS Pink Cozy collection which is for winter as it has some brushed lining on the inside which is great as now in the home gym we have about 55F.

Thats why its nice to have little warmer clothes on. There in the gym we have now 3 machines which are treadmill, ab coaster and rower machine1. 

Today I was doing 15 times on rower and 40 min on the treadmill on the speed 3 which is fast walk. I made during that time around 4300 steps -2miles.

So I am wearing:

Hoodie/ Cozy raglan hoodie from VS PINK

Cozy Leggings/VS Pink

Sneakers/Adidas ultraboost


T-shirt/Old Navy

Treadmill/ Pro Form similar here  or here

And You Dear viewer what sport you like to be fun of or what sport you do?