Hello friends.

Today I present ootd for a walk in forest and cooler spring day.

It was later in the day and the sunset was behind me. I love this time of the day- nice clouds, cooler air, less light, calmer atmosphere and nice colors on the sky. It is always so relaxing to observe the sky and sun and I love to go on the walks or rides near that time.

I think shades of pink and orange are my favourite colors too! I didnt have anything special on me and not even took a bag with me as I was close to home.

I wearing work boots that are approved for amazon warehouse - they have composite toe and that is something I might like to wear also outside in the forest or some hiking or maybe yard work?

So I am wearing:

Hoodie/VS PINK


Slouchy socks/Walmart-Link

Down Jacket/Columbia

Boots/ Caterpillar