This year I was only once on the beach, which is a shame as I live not too far from it about 10 or 15 miles. 

But hope that I still go there this year if not then next year.

I can blame it on bad weather- this summer was very rainy here in Boston area and also I had to work over half of the each week of summer.

Often when I had day offs was bad weather. 

I also can blame it on my bad health as this summe I had runny nose all 2 months - I think it was allergy or maybe lower immunity?

I am sad that summer is over and not hot weather be here until next yaer.

But maybe we will still get nice warm weather and at least it is not as humid as in July and August.

I am here sitting at Wollaston Beach and enjoying the view of ocean-this view always brings me peace and relaxation.

Salty air is also good for the ppl that suffer with allergies and actually after my trip my allergy got better.

So I wearing random casual outfit as I was not even expecting that we will go to the beach.

I am wearing:



Leggings/VS PINK

Hat & Water bottle/Victorias Secret Pink


Canvas bag Amazon

Socks/SKIMS. link

Similar longer fall socks /Temu