You're in a Love Triangle With a False Twin Flame & An Awakened Masculin...

This video from Magnetize yourself resonate.

I see water, waves,  the ocean
I also see name Greg
love triangle...
He wasn't really giving you what you deserved.
They took You for granted.
One person is realizing their mistake in not treating me correctly.

Other person was called in as potential replacement, as another offer.
The 2 are both ...
making me feeling conflicting
they vaing for my energy...
I might be feeling in decision.
Love triangle.
Both of those meetings happend like they were fated.
That was true.

With one of them felt like didn't protected my love, they didn't fulfill this connection.
Devine femine.
Long passage of time.
Was maybe a relationship but his heart was devided-that's true.
And it was painful experience when he decided to go for lower vibration femine to infiltrate this very sacred and soul based bond between 2 of us.
A lot of pain was in past in that connection with this masculine because their heart was really closed off here.
This was a broken dream.
So I had to move on with my life emotionally and mentally.
Love triangle in spiritual realm one is twin flame and one is soul mate.
They might be still emotions coming up.