Hello friends.

Spring is here in Boston suburbs and I going out more and more to the yard and sit there and enojoy nature and the sun. I like the fresh air. I like the singing birds. Everything is waking up from the winter dream so am I...

I am still cold though as the weather was rather not too warm yet so...

But to invite spring more warmly I break out winter vibes with that crocs slides and hoping the warmer days comes here sooner!

Btw crocs are now so in style- I see many people are wearing them and this pair is really old one but still they look good as crocs can be easily cleaned under water.

Do you own crocs ? If so let me know in which color in comments.

I am wearing:

Down Jacket/The North Face
Hoodie/VS PINK
Joggers/ VS PINK
Slides/ Crocs
Water bottle/Owala via Walmart

And lately we hearing ku-ku-ry-ku in the yard in the morning and I was lucky to catch him on the picture the famous rooster- he must of escape from someones's farm and now he joined the pack of the wild turkeys and he hanging out with them lol.